Early on-site assessment of archaeological competency

Ian Blair

 Peter Hinton with luxuriant flowing locks to rival those of Gustav Milne* in the Department of Urban Archaeology (DUA), seen relaxing at Chaucer House in Southwark in 1975/76, musing if the archaeologists toiling away in the background, might qualify for ‘Practitioner (PCIfA)’ level membership of a future Chartered Institute for Archaeologists.

The excavations at Chaucer House were undertaken by the Southwark and Lambeth Archaeological Excavation Committee (SLAEC), between July 1975 and June 1977 under the direction of Brian Yule.

Peter Hinton is currently the ‘Chief Executive of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (CIFA)’.

Photo from Derek Seeley


Paul Hinton on site

*To see Gustav's 'flowing locks' click here.


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