Satellite DUA office in Grenada

 Ian Blair

‘Voluntary help required from any Hobley's Heroes in "excavating finds" from this office, free accommodation provided in the room below.’

Following the earlier posting about Prince and communications with Georgina in Grenada, I was intrigued to learn that to this day, there is a sign attached to the small door giving access into their loft proclaiming "Dept. of Urban Archaeology". Georgina subsequently sent me a photo of it, and told me that behind this portal live an assortment of Billingsgate excavation papers as well as Prince’s collection of slides. I assume the Billingsgate papers are not the original site records, which I recall blew off the back of Steve’s motorbike whilst he was gunning it up the motorway on his way back to York. Amongst Prince’s other possessions, are a diverse assortment of ceramics that he picked up on his travels along the way, which Georgina is keen to find a more suitable home for. Photos of a selection of these ‘fired clay’ items (from a variety of countries including Peru, Tunisia/Carthage, Louisbourg, Canada and Lincoln, England) are attached to this post, so if anyone who knew and worked with Prince fancies a part time "working" holiday in the Caribbean to check them out, then please do get in contact.

Ian Blair


Grenada January 2010 002


DUA Sign on loft door


The DUA loft


Princes Artefacts 001


Princes Artefacts 003


Princes Artefacts 005


Princes Artefacts 008


Princes Artefacts 009



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