What goes around, doesn't always come around!

Ian Blair

Whereas, there are countless examples of former archaeological sites in the City that we are now revisiting, we have not been so fortunate on other former DUA sites.

Two such sites, are Watling Court (WAT78) supervised by Dominic Perring, and Miles Lane (ILA79) supervised by Louise Miller (Malkin) where the buildings have recently been demolished, and the sites now being redeveloped.


Miles Lane and Watling Court 2015


On both these sites, the 70’s development had completely removed all of the remaining archaeology from within their footprint, so no ‘last chance archaeological saloon’ or ‘diggers swan song’ on these sites. Prior to the demolition of Watling Court, I monitored a few geotechnical boreholes in and around the building, and was pleased to find that an information board detailing the 1978 excavation, was still in place in the former entranceway foyer.

Watling Court exhibit


I guess it says a lot, that this was literally the only internal fixture that was still in place, and hadn’t been systematically soft-stripped from the building at that time, so much for history!


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