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Vol 24 1973
Excavations at Aldgate and Bush Lane House in the City of London, 1972. HUGH CHAPMAN & TONY JOHNSON

The excavation of a section across Aldersgate Street, City of London, 1972. JEREMY HASLAM

Vol 25 1974
Excavations at the Custom House site, City of London, 1973. TIM TATTON-BROWN

Excavations at Christ Church, Newgate Street, 1973. TONY JOHNSON

Two pit groups in the City of London. PETER MARSDEN

Vol 26 1975
The excavation of a Roman palace site in London, 1961 – 1972. PETER MARSDEN

Excavations at the Custom House site, City of London, 1973 – Part 2. TIM TATTON-BROWN

Excavations on the site of St Mildred’s church, Bread Street, London, 1973-74. PETER MARSDEN, TONY DYSON & MICHAEL RHODES

Africa House Sections, London, 1973. DES WOODS, MICHAEL RHODES & TONY DYSON

Vol 27 1976
Two Roman public baths in London. PETER MARSDEN

Roman pottery from the City of London. GEOFF MARSH & PAUL TYERS

Vol 28 1977
Excavations at Angel Court, Walbrook, 1974. RICHARD BLURTON

Evidence for the manufacture of amber beads in London in the 14th-15th century. VANESSA K MEAD

A Roman dolphin handle from Phoenix House, King William Street, London. JENNY HALL

A green glazed Roman mortarium from the City of London. JOHN MALONEY

Vol 29 1978
Bastion 10A: a newly identified bastion in the City of London. JOHN SCHOFIELD

The excavations of a Roman palace site in London: additional details. PETER MARSDEN

A Roman ladder from Queen Street, City of London. JANE WEEKS

Kiln material from the Thames foreshore in the City. G EGAN

Vol 30 1979
Excavations at 48-50 Cannon Street, City of London, 1975. ANDY BODDINGTON

A shearman’s hook from London. GEOFF EGAN

Vol 31 1980
The discovery of Bastion 4A in the City of London and its implications. JOHN MALONEY

A witch-bottle from Dukes Place, Aldgate. CATHARINE MALONEY

Vol 32 1981
Excavations in the City of London: second interim report, 1974 – 1978. TONY DYSON & JOHN SCHOFIELD

Archive reports of archaeological excavations in the City of London from 1973. JOHN SCHOFIELD

Skullduggery in Roman London? GEOFF MARSH & BARBARA WEST

The contents of a late 18th-century pit at Crosswall, City of London. A G VINCE & G EGAN

Vol 33 1982
Excavations at Queen Street, City of London, 1953 and 1960, and Roman timber-lined wells in London. TONY WILMOTT

The waterfront of Londinium: the date of the quays at the Custom House site reassessed. JOHN FLETCHER

The Roman cemetery at St Bartholomew’s Hospital. DAVID BENTLEY & FRANCES PRITCHARD

A dated type series of London medieval pottery: Part 1: Mill Green Ware. J E PEARCE, A G VINCE & R WHITE

A medieval armorial brooch or pendant from Baynards Castle. TONY WILMOTT

A note on bone skates from London. BARBARA WEST

Pilgrim souvenirs from the medieval waterfront excavations at Trig Lane, London 1974-6. BRIAN SPENCER

Vol 34 1983
The river Thames in London in the mid 1st century AD. G MILNE, R W BATTARBEE, V STRAKER & B YULE

A late Saxon glass finger ring from the City of London. ALAN G VINCE & JUSTINE BAYLEY

A dated type-series of London medieval pottery: Part 3: a late medieval Hertfordshire glazed ware. ANNE JENNER & ALAN G VINCE

The London inn of the Abbots of Waltham: a revised reconstruction of a medieval town house in Lovat Lane. DEREK GADD

Vol 35 1984
Dendrochronology and Roman London. J HILLAM, R MORGAN & I TYERS

Roman timber-lined wells in the City of London: further examples. TONY WILMOTT

A cache of Roman intaglios from Eastcheap, City of London. MARTIN HENIG

Two inscribed finger rings from the City of London. MARTIN HENIG

A note on Roman bone hinges from the City of London. C E E JONES

Sitewatching at Gardiner’s Corner, Aldgate, E1. ROBERT L WHYTEHEAD

Vol 36 1985
Faunal evidence from a late medieval garden well of the Greyfriars, London. PHILIP L ARMITAGE & BARBARA WEST

A building in Pudding Lane destroyed in the Great Fire of 1666: excavations on the Peninsular House site, 1979 – 80. GUSTAV & CHRISSIE MILNE

Vol 37 1986
The Roman features at Gateway House and Watling House, Watling Street, City of London (1954). JOHN D SHEPHERD

A Roman intaglio from London. MARTIN HENIG & CHRISTINE JONES

Vol 38 1987
The pre-urban and Roman topography in the King Street and Cheapside areas of the City of London.JOHN D SHEPHERD

VOL 39 1988

The Roman occupation in the area of Paternoster Square, City of London. JOHN D SHEPHERD

A Roman pipe from London. GRAEME LAWSON & ANGELA WARDLE

Vol 41 1990
Medieval buildings and property development in the area of Cheapside. JOHN SCHOFIELD, PATRICK ALLEN & COLIN TAYLOR

Vol 42 1991
Late Roman London: an assessment of the ceramic evidence from the City of London. R P SYMONDS & R S TOMBER

Vol 44 1993
Early Roman development at Leadenhall Court, London and related research. G MILNE & A WARDLE

Vol 48 1997
Excavations on the site of St Nicholas Shambles, Newgate Street, City of London, 1975-9. JOHN SCHOFIELD

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