Fallen Gladiator of the Guildhall

Ian Blair

Nick Bateman retires from MOLA today, after nigh on four decades working at the forefront of London’s archaeology. The first twenty years, (throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s) saw him working in the field, a period when the face of complex urban excavation evolved into what is the accepted norm today.

Nick leaves behind a lasting legacy to the archaeology of the City, with the discovery and excavation of the Guildhall amphitheatre being his most notable achievement.

The City of London in those days, was a very different place, largely deserted at night, and in truth a bit of a playground for archaeologists, who toiled away on numerous sites and frequented its pubs and cafes (long before the arrival of the wine bars and bistros that fill the Square Mile today). Anyone who was fortunate enough to have been a part of this period, invariably views it as a halcyon and relatively carefree time, when close friendships were formed, and a close-knit archaeological family that survives to this day, evolved. Nick is a member of this fortunate group of archaeologists who shared so much, and who grew together during this period.

Enjoy a well-earned retirement Nick, and thanks for all those wonderful (often crazy) times that we had along the way, we were so very, very lucky to have been a part of it!

All the very best, Ian


 Nick Bateman with a slightly bemused PolicemanNick Bateman with a slightly bemused Policeman - Photo from Friederike Hammer


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