Closed on Mondays

1 Issue

From Dafydd Davies
who worked at the DGLA and DUA from 1987 to 1990.

26th May 2015
"While looking through some paperwork a few weeks ago I came across a copy of 'Closed on Mondays No.3' which was a MOL staff sports and social club newsletter from January/February 1990?
I am not sure what happened to the first two issues, but I think the people in the photographs are 1/ Mark Bagwell?, David Dobson and Crag Spence, 2/ Dougie Killock and Jessica Fletcher, 3/ Simon Mason, Dave Kenny and ?, 4/ ? and Martin Watts.

I hope this helps and if I come across anything else I will let you know.  I was Chairperson of the sports and social club at the time, but I do not remember much about it".

Dafydd Davies



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