'Read all about it!': Headlines at Regis House (KWS94)

Ian Blair


Before the advent of digital cameras: which can tell you the very second that a photograph was taken on, old steam driven SLR camera technology generally saw supervisors on site taking a snap of a scribbled date on a scrap of paper at the start of each film.

This photo montage is a scan of various tabloid headlines that were inventively used as date markers by Bruce & Trevor when taking general record shots on Regis House – and the two suspects can be seen in some of the photos clutching said banner headlines. So many are there, that I have my suspicions that when they weren’t on site, that they were hawking newspapers outside of Monument tube to make some extra cash.
If you can’t make out the dates on the individual newspapers, the hand written dates on the reverse of the photos indicate that they were taken between 1/09/95–7/11/95.


Regis House headlines


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