Miles Lane, 132–137 Upper Thames Street, EC4


Photos from Louise Miller



MLane Group

Front, Left to Right - Hester White, Marietta Ryan, Louise Miller (now Malkin) (Supervisor),
2nd Row, ?, Mark Burch. Back Row, - Patrick Allen, ?, ?, Julie Flude, ?, Richard Kerr, Sandra Rose.
(If you know the missing names please tell us) - From Louise


Louise Malkin (Miller) and Marietta Ryan

Louise Malkin (Miller) and Marietta Ryan - From Louise


Marietta's birthday

Marietta's birthday - From Louise.


Louise on a Watching Brief

Louise on a Watching Brief - From Louise


Louise on a Watching Brief

Louise preparing Roman timbers for photograph. From Louise


Louise photo for Poplular Archaeology

Louise measuring a main timber from the 1st century Roman quay, on the watching brief which followed excavation at Miles Lane (ILA79).
As seen in 'Popular Archaeology' June 1982. Photo by Jon Bailey


Louise getting the measure of things

Photo from Louise


Richard Kerr Miles Lane 1980 in foundation trench of roman building from Louise 491px 27sep2020Miles Lane (ILA79) 1980, Richard Kerr in foundation trench of Roman building.
Photo from Louise



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