Jon Price

 Found your site through seeing postings on Pete Rowsomes Facebook page.

I worked for the DUA from 79-82. Well Court 79-80, Cannon Street 80, St Peters Hill 81-2, Bishopsgate 82. Also drew a couple of cartoons for Radio Carbon, won the baloon debate, and was involved in the union. I dug out a few photos from that pre-digital age.

The first two b/w ones have Pete Rowsome, Pete Cardiff, Dominic Perring and John Maloney.

Visit to Crosswall 1


This was Well Court team 1979/80 on a visit to another site, but I can't recall which, could be John Maloney's Crosswall. The crane might be a giveaway?

Visit to Crosswall 2


The first colour photo has myself, Simon Grant, and Marie Nally on a St Peters Hill day out at Fishbourne Roman Palace.

Visit to Fishbourne


Last one is myself at St Peters Hill.

Jon on St. Peter's Hill site
PS. I was also on Bevis Marks...


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