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27th July 2014

Graham TroilletWell bugger me.  This is brilliant.  I do like Jamie's dictionary.  I have three shots from Popular Archaeology, April 1980, although the shots are from '73/4.  They are used to illustrate Dr John Hunter's article, Archaeology at the Crossroads.  In one I'm kneeling in prayer, in the other I'm working, without a helmet, directly below a JCB thing on very dodgy ground.  I think the other guy, sensibly wearing a helmet, might be Peter Ellis.

To bring you up to date, I just kept on digging and the colour shot is of me finally emerging, after 30+ years of heroic trowelling, from the Earth's exit wound in Western Australia a couple of years ago.

Best wishes to all 'The Heroes' wherever they may be.



Baynards Castle


Baynards Castle


Seal House



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